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Monday, May 26, 2008


1. A plain mirror (no plastic casing)
2. Grout/clay
3. objects to be stuck into the grout/clay
4. tea lights (optional)


1. Wipe the mirror clean
2. Apply the grout/clay using your chosen design onto the mirror
3. Carve out grooves or patterns using everyday objects such as knives, forks or coins. Tea lights can be stuck into the grout/clay to allow the mirror to be laid flat on a surface as a decorative item, if desired.
4. Stick the objects into the grout/clay according to your chosen design. [Example shows fragments of a broken porcelain vase; the fragments were obtained by wrapping the broken vase in cloth and smashing the large pieces into smaller ones with a hammer].
5. Leave to dry (24 hrs)

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