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Monday, May 26, 2008


Gifts don't necessarily need to be wrapped in wrapping paper....there are more unconventional ways of wrapping them to add a personal touch.

See the example below.

1. A flat surface to form a base
2. Cloth - preferably semi-transparent and of a neutral colour such as beige
3. Ribbon - either recycled, bought or made from a different cloth
4. Scissors
5. Pins (the kind used for sewing)

1. Place the cloth under the base.
2. Select the gifts to be wrapped and place them on the base
3. Bind them to each other with cellophane tape
4. Wrap the cloth over the base, covering the gifts inside and gather the excess material at the top.
5. Secure the excess material with cellotape, then wrap around with the ribbon
6. Use pins to tack any excess material down
7. Add a sprig or two of dried flowers into the ribbon or other additional decoration according to your own design.

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