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Monday, August 18, 2014

More Jar Crafts..

More jars in which to house water plants, and experiments with different types of design... ranging from tile grout and crayon, to sponging glass paint onto the surface and tracing patterns with a glass paint pen. Any indelible marker would do as long as it's waterproof. Black is probably the best colour so that patterns can be clearly seen.

For inspiration on design, I turned to mehndi patterns. Mehndi is an ancient indian art form in which intricate patterns using henna dye, are traced onto the palms and forearms of brides. It has become really popular amongst all cultures and there are now so many variations on the theme. It's possible to download patterns and designs from the internet, and re-create them using the black marker.

The more artistic you are, the more intricate a pattern you can attempt! :-)