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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Decorative ideas for old chains and bracelets

Here's something creative to do with those old beaded chains and bracelets which have either snapped, gotten loose or are otherwise just plain out of date and heading for the scap-heap. First, cut the chain or bracelet and pull all the individual beads out into separate containers (or 1 container if you want them mixed up).

I've used old coffee and jam jars in this example, but just about any object will do. To start off, you'll need to cover the object with grout or plaster or some material that can be applied to the surface of the object and shaped to create the desired pattern or design. Then, (before the plaster/grout dries up) either stick the beads on the jar or pour them on to a sheet of paper and roll the jar /object back and forth in it.

Example 1 here shows an old chain wrapped around the mouth of a vase, example 2 shows beads stuck on the top of the jar as well as all over the jar in a pattern, example 3 shows a jar rolled on a sheet of paper on which I poured out the brown and black beads, while example 4 shows a bracelet wrapped around an old face cream jar.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Recycling greeting cards and boxes

Greeting cards tend to accumulate and pile up, year after year, while you've probably been throwing away all those boxes that your new stereo set, new pair of jogging shoes and new mobile phone and a host of other stuff comes packed in.

Here's a way to recycle these items.

You'll need old greeting cards with nice designs, scissors, cello tape or glue and a couple of old boxes which you'd like to decorate.

Cut out the designs from the cards (usually on the front cover, but sometimes there could be a design on the back or the inside cover that you prefer) and stick them onto the boxes in a way that covers up logos, price tags or other markings on the boxes.

You can either use these boxes to put gifts in, or just keep them as storage containers.