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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Basic materials:

Glass jars
Grout (from hardware shop)
Tools that can be used to make patterns in the grout (old knives, forms, coins, spatula, etc)
Odd bits and ends to stick on the objects for decoration (beads, tiles, pieces of broken glass, seeds, spices, etc)


1. Wash and dry the jar/tin/bottle.
2. Apply grout on the outside of the jar/tin/bottle
3. Use the tools to carve out patterns/markings on in the layer of grout, before it hardensIf you have decorative pieces to stick into the grout, stick them in before the grout hardens
4.Leave the -jar/tin/bottle to dry for 1 daySelect the desired crayon colour and run the crayon along the grooves and markings of the dried grout on top of the bottle/jar/tin.

Possible uses:
-Container for storage
-Can be filled with small stones and a tea light placed on top
-Can serve as a mould for a homemade candle

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