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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Using leftover fabric to wrap gifts

A while ago we ordered new curtains for our windows. We selected a very pretty fabric, translucent off-white with gold markings. As it happened, there was a fair bit of leftover material after we'd gotten the curtains tailored. I asked for the extra pieces back from the tailor, folded it and stored in a large book that I keep in which to store fabric scraps.

I had a gift to wrap over the weekend, and so pulled out my fabric book to find a suitable piece to use as a wrapper. As soon as I saw the extra curtain pieces, I decided on that as the off-white and gold finish complemented the box perfectly.

I cut the fabric to size, wrapped the box by tying the edges into knots and tucking in excess fabric using pins (the kind used in needlework), and added some light-brown ribbon.

This was the result :-)

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