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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recycling plastic containers into planters

So I've been about the idea of recycling plastic containers into planters to hold small plants for some time now. I was inspired by a large number of youtube videos that show beautiful plants thriving in glass jars and containers, and I really wanted to try it out for myself.

However, I soon hit a snag. I was informed by the gardening experts that glass jars do not make great planters because there is no drainage, and unless the plants are chosen carefully and watered very expertly, they are likely to suffer from root rot and die.I was rather annoyed to hear this as I'd had visions of creating a whole desktop of gorgeous little plants in glass jars :-)

True to my nature I did not give up and did more research. I finally hit on the idea of using cut-upsoft plastic water bottles and salad containers as planters, as they are soft enough to poke holes in with a penknife, knife or large scissors - thus providing the much-needed drainage. As it happened, other (harder) plastic containers, or the lids of the containers, could be used underneath the actual planter to catch excess water. These could then be periodically emptied and cleaned.

So far, so good... after a few mishaps, these seem to be growing relatively happily on my desk at the office ! :-)

Planters made out of cut-up plastic water bottles

Planter made out of ready-to-eat salad packaging

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