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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jar Crafts

This time, I tried adding an extra layer of ribbon around the paper used in this project to create additional texture. It worked, more or less! :-)

For this project, I used an old jam jar, washed, dried and with the label removed. (As always, an easy way to remove labels is to soak the jar overnight in soapy water - the label will peel right off).

For the decoration, I selected some brown-themed paper and ribbon from my craft supplies. Using a craft scissors, the edges were trimmed to create a scalloped finish.

Next step, apply mod podge evenly over the jar, and stick the papers on in layers. I then added the ribbon around the middle in layers.

Allow the project to dry for a few days, before sticking your pens and pencils in :-)

Tips for recreating this project - I notice that mod podge works best with thin paper, thick paper doesn't sit as well around the jar and you end up needing many coats of mod podge.

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