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Friday, July 15, 2016

Jar crafts - paper cutouts & fabric scraps

Tried out a new style of decorating glass jars recently, using mod podge as an adhesive and fixer. After having watched a lot of youtube videos  in which everyone was using it, it seemed like a fuss-free medium to experiment with. So I bought a tub of it from a craft store and started experimenting.

First, the jars. I had to wash the jars, remove the labels (an ovenight soak in soapy water will do the trick) and dry the jars thoroughly.

Next step, was to look through my folder of paper cutouts from old cards, brochures and other pre-loved paper items, and select the ones I wanted for these projects. I also happened to have some fabric scraps which I decided to use as well.

I discovered that using mod podge is super-easy,  just use a small piece of sponge to liberally coat the jar with a layer of it. Then, use a tweezer (or your fingers) to pick up and place the paper cutout or fabric scrap, on the area.  I usually use an old ice cream stick to smooth out any ridges or bumps.

Next, apply another coat of mod podge.

Leave to dry for a couple of days. If you want, you could add a layer of varnish, and leave to dry for another few days.

I added glass beads and a tea light to one of them to make a sort of candle – which worked rather well.
The second project involved paper cutouts, arranged on an existing card to create a unique and personalised one.  Again, you can cover the surface of the card with mod podge, and stick on the cutouts.

Best to choose a card that is stiff and thick, as a thin card might get damp when the mod podge is applied to it.

Leave to dry for a couple of days, and make sure none of the cutouts are peeling off. If they are, add another layer of mod podge and dry again.

Am really pleased with how easy it is to work with mod podge and will definitely consider using it again on future projects !:-)

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