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Thursday, August 06, 2015

How to use old photographs to personalise handmade cards

Recently, I was going through my collection of landscape photographs and hit upon the idea of using some of those images to personalise my handmade cards.In the digital era, anyone with a smartphone can accumulate thousands of images in a short span of time.

But what does one do with all those photos?? More often than not, the answer is nothing :-)

How about this - every week (or every month) take some time to curate your images. Select a few and get them developed/printed. If it's an image that you really like, get a few copies made of the same photo.

Use them to personalise handmade cards. Crop the photograph to fit the space designated for it on the card you are making. The result? A card that is truly personalised... rest assured no one else could have taken quite the same photograph in quite the same way! It's also a wonderful way to rekindle happy memories of the past.

In this card I used an old photo I took years ago, of a beautiful seashell I found nestled in the sand on a beach. The image was cropped to fit the inside of the card  using craft scissors to create a decorative border. The other photos are of the other pages of the card.

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