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Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to upcycle plastic containers

Plastic containers…in Malaysia, they’re everywhere. There is no escape. Almost every product you buy is packed in some kind of plastic container. Round, square, rectangular shaped, cup-shaped… there seems to be a perfect-sized plastic container to suit just about every need and occasion! :-)

The question is, what happens to these plastic containers after the food inside them is consumed? Well, they can be recycled to an extent ie. washed out and re-used for storage and other purposes. But seriously, this can only be done for a while as there are only so many plastic containers every household needs! The number of containers coming in usually far exceeds the number of containers going out – so after a while, to avoid literally swimming in plastic containers, one ends up having to dispose of them. And it’s not always convenient to locate a reliable recycling centre or drop-off point, so they might just end up in a landfill somewhere.

So is there anything else one can do with them?

One suggestion is decorate them and use them to put gifts or other items such as notebooks or craft items into. For paper crafters, pieces of scrap paper left over from other projects would be the obvious go-to decorative item. All you’ll need is some craft scissors, glue, cello-tape and scrap paper.

I’m sure quilters and people who work with other materials such as cloth and mixed media materials, would find other items to decorate the containers with. This is not just a good way to use up scrap bits of paper, cloth and other items, but also a way to turn plain plastic containers into reusable decorative or functional items.

A great project for kids too.

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