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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Decorating a teabag box

My boss brought a box of delicious Canadian maple tea to the office. As we sampled the delicious tea, my eye fell upon the box and a few ideas popped to mind.
First I covered the box in black paint in order to obliterate all the colourful labels and product information. 
I then created a design on the top of the box (ie. on the lid) using (i) brown filla; (ii) an old chain which was originally silver but had faded, so I dipped it in brown paint; and (iii) beads from an old bracelet which had snapped.
Having finished with the lid, I then lined the sides of the box with an old seashell decorated belt for which the string had come off several years ago. (no, i did not sew the seashells onto the belt, that came ready-made!) :-)  

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