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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Upcycling confectionary tins

There’s nothing like receiving chocolates, biscuits or cake in an actual tin… it just seems like such a treat doesn’t it! Yumm....a tin of full sweetness to be savoured, one bite at at time… but alas, all good things come to an end and sooner or later, you’ll be left with an empty tin.

Whatever you do, do NOT  throw that tin away! You could repurpose it into a gorgeous storage container or gift container. :-)

First, wash the tin out thoroughly and allow to dry fully.

Then, decide on the concept for your project. Will you use paint? Or paper? Or scrap fabric?

For the projects below (1 biscuit tin and 2 cake tins), I have used only scrap paper from my stock, and also a paper cutout which I made from a design I found in an old calendar.

I used folded cellophane tape stick the paper on to the tin, and then went over the whole design with strips of cellophane tape. One reason I use cellophane tape is that when you’re tired of the design in a couple of years, you can rip the cellophane tape right out, remove the designs, and start again with a fresh design! :-)

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