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Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to make homemade cards

We are surrounded by paper. We get cards, brochures, booklets and other promotional material every day. What does one do with all that paper?

You could of course, just throw all of it away.

But you could also put these materials to a more creative use.

How about trying your hand at home-made cards?

With a bit of simple background prep, a scissors (and a craft scissors and craft punchers if you have them), cello tape and good old-fashioned glue, all that unwanted paper can transform into a personalised expression of your creativity.

What do I mean by background prep? OK, get an empty box and keep it in an easy-to-reach spot (preferably on your desk, or close to the area where you sort through your mail). Get a scissors and put it on top of, or in, the box.

When you get a card, booklet, brochure or other promotional item, check whether there any interesting designs, unusual colours or textures, or patterns. If so, cut them out with the scissors and put the clippings in your box. Throw the unwanted bits (these would usually be the parts with text on them, or where the product advertisements are visible).

Not long from now, you'll have a box full of interesting clippings which you can use to decorate your homemade cards.

How to make the card

Start with a piece of paper folded in half. Ideally, this should be a thick piece of store-bought paper. Ordinary paper might prove too flimsy.

Open your box and select the paper clippings that you will use. Pay attention to colour schemes and layout. Think about your design and look for pieces that can make your vision a reality.

At this point, craft punchers and craft scissors can be used to create interesting cut out shapes and stylised edges, to the clippings. It adds to the versatility of each piece, though not an essential step.

Stick the clippings on the paper in the desired arrangement, using a glue stick.

Allow to dry.

As a finishing touch and to ensure that the bits don't dry up and peel off, use cello tape to cover every inch of the surface of the card, and trim off any excess strips around all the card with a scissors.

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