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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recycled Christmas Boxes

Over the Christmas season, I find myself always needing boxes in which to store and transport gifts. I'm one of those (annoying? :-)) people who get their christmas shopping and gift-wrapping done by the 1st week of December, so I'm always in need of boxes in which to store the wrapped gifts (sorted by family/group), which can later be used to deliver the gifts. It's a lot easier to organise gifts this way instead of putting them all under the Christmas tree in no particular order.

But the question is, where to find boxes which are big enough, and at the same time pretty enough, to put gifts in?

You could buy them of course, but they usually come in standard sizes and don't have very christmassy designs.

Well, I thought of a way to recycle empty boxes AND use up leftover wrapper, ribbon and scraps after wrapping presents (instead of throwing all of this away).

Here, I've used an empty box (which was originally used to store A4 paper in my office) and decorated it with bits and pieces of leftover wrapping paper, ribbon, card and cloth which I had lying around after I'd wrapped all my gifts.

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