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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hari Raya Projects

After the recent Hari Raya celebrations at the office, all kinds of recyclable items lay next to the dustbin, ready to be discarded. I was just in time to salvage some of them for my projects!

First, I used the cardboard bottom of a cake tin, to make a mousepad. First, I used art glue to stick scraps of material on the surface and then covered it with strips of cellophane tape. Voila! A perfectly usable mouse pad! (just be careful to ensure there are no ridges on the surface caused by air bubbles trapped under the cellophane tape.)

Next I managed to rescue 3 plastic cookie and chocolate containers, 1 square and 2 heart-shaped (large and small). I covered the lids with tile grout (light brown), added old costume jewellery such as faux gold earrings and a chain, as well as some extra ribbon. I could use these either as containers for gifts or to store odds and ends in.

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