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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Decorating a glass jar

I’m sure you have lots of glass jars at home, piling up in your kitchen – empty coffee jars, empty jam jars, and other stuff. Well, here’s a way to decorate these jars so that you can use them as storage containers!

You will need:

-A glass jar
-Filla (can be purchased from the hardware section of any supermarket)
-A brush, spatula or anything you can use to apply the filla onto the jar
-An old fork or any object you can use to create “texture”
-Beads, small stones, spices, shells or anything else that can be used to decorate the jar

How to decorate the jar:

-Wash and dry out the jar to remove any food residue.
-If there are labels on the jar, soak it overnight in water; the labels will peel off easily.
-First, apply the filla onto the jar. Try to create as much texture as possible when doing this instead of applying the filla smoothly.
-Then, stick the beads into the jar. Push them in to ensure that they do not fall off during the drying process.
-Leave the jar to dry for at least 24 hours.
-Once properly dried, use crayons to fill in the grooves and create defined outlines on the surface of the jar according to your preferred design.

Helpful hints:
-If any of the beads come off after the filla is dried, just stick them back on with glue!

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