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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Here's a way to "personalise" a candle.

1. Glass jar (empty, clean and dry)
2. Grout/paper mache
3. Decorative items such as dried flowers or other objects
4. Plain candle
5. Essential oil
6. Cloves
7. Candle wicks (bought from an art store)

1. Spread the grout/paper mache over the glass jar and decorate as desired.
2. Allow to dry (24 hrs)
3. Melt the candle(s). Use a large pan of water and melt the candles in a smaller receptacle floating in the water. Do not melt candles directly over an open flame as it could cause a fire.
4. Once melted, remove the old wicks from the liquid with a tweezer or kitchen tool
5. Add a few drops of essential oil
6. Measure out the appropriate length of candle wick and cut off the piece
7. Tie a knot and slide a satay stick or other object through the knot and place it over the jar so that the candle wick will "stand".
8. Turn off the flame and use a cloth to lift the receptacle containing the melted candle wax out.
9. Pour the wax into the jar. Try not to pour it over the wick.
10. Leave to cool for 1/2 an hour
11. Once slightly hardened, sprinkle cloves into the candle.
12. Allow to cool totally

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